I Ching

The Chinese Oracle of Changes

Welcome to the virtual version of the I Ching, the Oracle of Changes, probably the oldest text that humanity has survived. Its purpose is to reflect the changes that constantly operate at all levels of the universe.

Unlike other methods of consultation is not limited to forecast events, leaving us with them to meet them as we can, but also reveals why things are what they are and what you can do about it.

I Ching offers deep advice to act, so that we can face the future in the best possible conditions. As always, the final decision is ours and we are still responsible for our ultimate destiny.
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Make the launch of the coins and write down your results in the boxes from bottom up

6th launch
5th launch
4th launch
3rd launch
2nd launch
1st launch


How to consult the I Ching?

The most important thing to not "disturb" the I Ching is that we must take seriously their answers, trying to think about every word, although in principle they may seem rare or not related to our question.

  • The formulation of the question
    The I Ching is based on the principle of mutations. So a question such "John loves me?" may not ever have a complete answer. Perhaps more appropriate is to ask: "What course my life will take after meeting with John?".

    If we want to consult the oracle to solve work issues or to take a decision, would be wrong to ask "Should I do this or that?" . It's better to split the question into two: "is it okay if I do this? ", then: " Is it okay if I do that? ", and compare both responses.

    It is advisable to consult the I Ching when we need to make a quick but important decision or when eventualities occur in our lives.

    The question can not be repeated more than once. If seems to have gotten a response somewhat abstract, wait at least a day and a night before repeating.

    Consultation Method

    1. Get three equal coins.
    2. Assign face value of coins of 2 and the label value of 3. If you do not know the face or the seal of the coins, assign it according to your instincts.
    3. Focus on the question you ask (write it down on paper if it helps to focus), consider what is said above on this point.
    4. While concentrating, throw the coins so that they fall in front of you. Note that the three coins will give a sum corresponding to 6, 7, 8 or 9. Write that result in the box corresponds to the 1st release, that is the bottom.
    5. Repeat six times, writing on each the result of the sum of the three coins in the respective box.
      Note: In consideration of the "executive runners", we have prepared a set of virtual coins next to each box to automatically generate a random result, however, we always suggest the use of real coins for greater solemnity and hence deeper answers.
    6. When finished making 6 launches click Submit and wait for your answer. That's it!

      Sometimes the oracle responds with a single hexagram, sometimes with two. In the first case the answer will be drastic, in the second case the meanings of the mobile lines will permit to delve into the problem and the second hexagram will indicate the future evolution of the situation or an attached advice.

    "If I could extend my life a few years, I would ask for fifty more to study the I Ching and thus free myself of my many mistakes."


    Virtual version created by: Lucio Perez & Alex Rhomandt - Year 1998.

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